Welcome to Great Helpers

At Great Helpers, we understand your needs when hiring domestic helpers. Great Helpers carefully selects and trains the maids, offering the appropriate matches for employers.

Our maids, mainly from MyanmarIndonesia and the Philippines, undergo a series of professional training including common household duties, special needs training for infant and elderly care. They are also exposed to Singaporean culture to help them adapt quickly and integrate smoothly into the Singaporean home environment.

Great Helpers also provides employment services for S Pass and general workers.

At Great Helpers, we are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction through our high levels of service standards and the quality of our domestic helpers, S Pass and general workers.

Great Helpers is a licensed employment agency accredited by both the Association of Employment Agencies (Singapore) and the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia. So make us your choice NOW!

Call us at 9630 2812 for a non-obligatory consultation, and let us meet your needs for you.